How Kia outsold Ford and Volkswagen in the UK

If somebody asked you ten years ago which car manufacturer would sell the most during Q1 of 2022, would you have said Kia? Probably not!

Kia has managed to come out on top of its superior opposition by hiring the right people at the right time. One of these recruits for the Hyundai Motor Group was Albert Biermann, former head of BMW's M division. Before moving to the Hyundai Motor Group, Biermann was responsible for cars such as the E39 M5 and E46 M3. He was also responsible for what is considered to be the greatest M car ever made, the E82 1M.


Unfortunately, after more than 30 years in the industry, Albert Biermann has retired. He may have retired, but during his time with the Hyundai Motor Group, he worked on cars such as the Kia Stinger, Hyundai i30 N, i20 N and the Kia EV6.

Albert Biermann and the Hyundai i30 N

Another stellar move by Hyundai Motor Group was hiring Belgian Automotive Designer Luc Donckerwolke. Donckerwolke had previously been the design director at Volkswagen Group's Bentley, Lamborghini, Škoda, and Audi. And in 2022, he was voted World Car Person of the Year for having a significant impact on the automotive industry.

Historically, the Hyundai Motor Group has prioritised Kia's far richer parent company, Hyundai. However, that doesn't look to be the case anymore. This resulted in Kia, in terms of sales coming out on top in the UK.

Kia has also refrained from telling its customers what type of car they should drive. Kia hasn't sought to electrify their entire range (yet). If you want to order a petrol, diesel or hybrid Kia, that's no problem. And, if the demand for hydrogen-powered vehicles picks up, you can be sure to see Kia selling those too.

Kia EV6