Welsh Parliament Set To Introduce 20mph Speed Limit

In a world first, the Welsh Government will set the speed limit on all residential roads in the country to just 20mph.

A pilot scheme has already run in several areas of Wales, but it's now being fully rolled out across the country and will be enforced on all roads that have lampposts placed less than 200 yards apart.

For those that exceed the 20mph speed limit, they will be hit with a minimum fine of £100 and potentially three points on their licence.

While these plans are back by the Labour party, the Welsh Conservatives have opposed the plans, stating that local councils should influence their own speed limits.

Shadow Transport Minister Natasha Ashgar said: “The Welsh Conservatives are not against introducing 20mph speed limits outside schools, playgrounds, places of worship and high streets, but a blanket roll-out is quite frankly ludicrous.'

Ministers who support the drop from 30 to 20mph have said it will lower road collisions and noise and encourage people to walk or cycle.

There have also been concerns about how the changes will impact journey times and congestion.

Several towns and cities in the UK have a 20mph speed limit on residential roads but Wales will become the first nation to impose it as the default speed limit on all residential roads - with Scotland to follow in 2025.

Data shows that half of all the people killed or injured on Welsh roads happened on roads with a 30mph speed limit. Supports of the change argue the chances of someone surviving being hit by a car at 20mph rather than 30mph is seven times higher while stopping distances are almost halved.