Code of Conduct

If you're contemplating a fresh car lease arrangement with, you might be curious about the regulatory oversight governing the vehicle leasing sector and the safeguards afforded to you as a consumer. is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which oversees the conduct of 56,000 financial services firms and financial markets in the UK.

The FCA's mission is to safeguard consumers by ensuring that firms prioritise their customers' interests, providing suitable products and services while placing consumer protection above their own financial gains.

As an FCA-regulated entity, we are obliged to adhere to the regulations outlined in the FCA handbook. This handbook sets out the business standards we must uphold, including guidelines for handling complaints.

The FCA handbook is divided into several key sections, including:

- High-Level Standards: Covering aspects such as record-keeping, fees, senior management arrangements, and systems and controls.

- Business Standards: Detailing rules concerning client communication, financial promotions, product information preparation, and cancellation procedures.

- Regulatory Processes: Providing information on auditors, FCA Approved Persons, and reporting obligations.

- Redress Dispute Resolution: Ensuring fair treatment of complainants and compliance with record-keeping obligations.

You can access the FCA handbook directly from the FCA handbook website for further information. Click here

As a member of the Leasing Broker community, we are bound by the BVRLA’s mandatory code of conduct, which outlines the standards governing our interactions with you, our valued customer. This code covers various aspects including contracts, quotes, payment terms, duty of care, and end-of-contract processes, among others.

BVRLA Leasing Broker members pledge to uphold the following principles:

- Providing transparent pricing for all products and services through any sales channel, whether printed or digital, that promotes our offerings.

- Avoiding misrepresentation of any information regarding our products or services.

- Demonstrating integrity at all times and ensuring that any representatives acting on our behalf also adhere to the standards outlined in this Code of Conduct.

- Understanding and complying with all relevant rules and regulations pertaining to the services or products provided.

- Equipping customers with the necessary information to make informed decisions about the products or services offered.

- Operating from a reputable place of business maintained to professional standards.

- Abstaining from using advertising material containing misleading or inaccurate statements and complying with the codes and standards set by regulators.

- Resolving customer complaints in accordance with the standards outlined in this Code of Conduct.

- Ensuring that employees, when applicable, receive adequate training to meet the standards outlined in this Code of Conduct.

- Displaying the BVRLA logo as a mark of our commitment to these principles.

To access and review the BVRLA Leasing Broker Code of Conduct, please Click Here

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) functions as the UK’s independent overseer of advertising across all media platforms. Tasked with ensuring adherence to advertising standards, commonly referred to as the Advertising Codes, the ASA addresses consumer concerns and complaints, taking action to prohibit ads that are deceptive, harmful, offensive, or irresponsible.

In line with ASA regulations, meticulously follows the directives outlined in the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising and Direct & Promotional Marketing, known as the CAP Code.

The CAP Code serves as the comprehensive guidebook for non-broadcast advertisements, sales promotions, and direct marketing communications, offering guidance on various aspects, including:

- Marketing Communications: Ensuring clarity in identifying material as marketing communications, advertisements, or advertorials.

- Misleading Advertising: Establishing rules on substantiation, pricing, the use of 'free', product availability, comparisons, testimonials, and more.

- Promotional Marketing: Outlining regulations governing competitions, prize draws, instant wins, charity promotions, and incentive schemes.

- Distance Selling: Detailing rules for marketing communications enabling orders without face-to-face contact, including rights to cancellation, order fulfillment, and refunds.

- Database Practice: Providing information on direct marketing, collection or use of customer data, consent (opt-in and opt-out), data retention, and suppression requests.

- Financial Products: Specifying rules for financial marketing communications not regulated by the FCA or Trading Standards.

- Motoring Guidelines: Elaborating on social responsibility rules for motor vehicles, encompassing safety, speed, and responsible driving practices.

For further information about the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and to access the CAP Code, visit their website. Click Here