Automatic Car Lease Deals

Figures show that the sale of automatic cars are on the rise. In fact, 40% of all new cars are now automatic. Leasing an automatic car used to mean higher payments but, that's not the case any more. Here at New Cars Online we have a fantastic selection of automatic lease cars for you to choose from.

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Why choose to lease an automatic car?

Leasing an automatic car guarantees you an effortless, smooth and comfortable driving experience. An automatic car will change gears on your behalf. Therefore, the car will automatically adjust the gear position depending on the speed you're travelling. Because of this, you'll also save money on fuel when compared to the same car but with a manual transmission.

Many people choose an automatic car when they spend a lot of time stopping and starting in heavy traffic, as you won't be required to press the clutch pedal every time you stop. This repeated leg movement can sometimes lead to pain and discomfort for some road users. Leasing an automatic car will solve this issue for many people. Driving an automatic car means you'll have less to think about while driving and can concentrate more on the road and your surroundings.

If you've never driven an automatic car before, there's no need to be concerned. When you switch from manual to automatic, it will usually only take a couple of days to get used to the automatic gearbox.

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