Hatchback lease deals

The hatchback is one the most popular body styles in the country and, for good reason; they're perfect for both city and country driving. Although hatchbacks look to be on the smaller side, manufacturers are learning how to make good use of the space. Cars like the Volkswagen Golf and BMW 1 Series will have more than enough room for most small families. The hatchback market is packed full of both budget-friendly and premium options, there's something for everyone

Hatchback FAQs

To be classed as a hatchback, the whole of the rear end of the car must be able to open. Think A3 boot vs A4 boot or, Golf boot vs Passat boot.

Some popular hatchback models include:

In recent years the gap in quality between big cars and small cars has been getting smaller and smaller. Manufacturers no longer reserve the very best features for their big cars. Hatchbacks are easy to drive in busy cities, more economical and, offer fantastic value for money.

A saloon and a hatchback are both types of passenger cars, but they have distinct differences in terms of body style and design.

A saloon, also known as a sedan, is a type of car that typically has four doors and a separate trunk (boot) for storage. The roofline is typically longer and slopes downward at the back, giving the car a more formal and traditional appearance. Saloons are often considered more traditional and are generally more spacious than hatchbacks, making them more suitable for families and long-distance travel.

A hatchback, on the other hand, is a type of car that typically has four or five doors and a rear hatch that opens to reveal a storage area. The roofline is generally shorter than a saloon, giving the car a more sporty and modern appearance. Hatchbacks are often considered more versatile and practical than saloons, as they offer more storage space and better visibility. They are often considered to be more fuel-efficient and are best suited for city driving and shorter commutes.

In summary, Saloons have four doors, separate trunk and a longer roofline, while hatchbacks have four or five doors, a rear hatch that opens up to reveal a storage area, and a shorter roofline.

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