Car Leasing for Young Drivers

Find out why 1 in 5 drivers between 18 to 24 year old are choosing to lease.

As a young driver buying a car outright can be a problem. Money may be tight, and the last thing you want to do is buy cheap and be left with hefty repair bills. Leasing a car is a great way to get you on the road for low monthly payments and the peace of mind knowing that your car is under warranty and road tax is already taken care of.

The benefits of leasing your first car

  • Drive the latest model: Because all of our cars are brand new, you'll benefit from the reliability and new tech that comes with brand new cars.
  • Hassle-free driving: When you choose to lease a car whether it's for your first car or not, it will come with a manufacturers warranty (usually 3 years). You also don't need to MOT a car for the first 3 years of its life.
  • Leasing is a way to build your credit score: If you're a young person, you might not have much of a financial history. Taking on a lease agreement can help improve your credit score if you consistently make payments on time. Having a good credit score can help you qualify for other credit agreements in the future such as a mortgage.

Tips for leasing a car as a young driver

  • Specify a budget and stick to it: We've all been there. Setting a budget and realising the next model up is just £20 more per month and, it gives you climate control, heated seats and a rear-view camera, but that £20 per month is £240 per year and £720 over a three-year contract. It's good practice to not spend over 15-20% of your monthly income on car payments, depending on how much you earn.
  • Choose the correct mileage: The last thing you want is to be hit with an unexpected bill at the end of your contract because you went way over your mileage. To get an estimate of how many miles you'll need, multiply your weekly average by 52 and then add an extra 5-10% for extra journeys depending on how long your extra journeys are likely to be.
  • Choose an approved broker: Not all leasing brokers are created equally! We're regulated by the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) and the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). Our BVRLA Membership Number is 7443.


Another aspect that is important to consider if you decide to lease a car is the cost of maintenance. We can offer deals that include maintenance but, these are only worth the money if you plan to do a lot of miles (30k+).

Our maintenances packages include:

- Servicing, maintenance and repair (SMR) in line with the manufacturer's guidelines and servicing schedules

- MOT testing

- Accident management

- Breakdown assistance

- Tyre replacements

- Tyre punctures

- 24/7 helpline

- Warranty claim bookings

- 16,000 approved garages across the UK

- Free vehicle collection and delivery on the day of service or a free courtesy car, subject to garage availability.

Some exclusions apply, such as; misfuelling, repairs or replacements due to driver errors, vandalised or stolen wheels, missing or broken items. If you have any questions or concerns please, contact us.

What if you don't take out a lease that doesn't include a maintenance package? You'll need to take the car to be serviced yourself. The service intervals differ from manufacturer to manufacturer but, it's generally once every 12 months. If you're wondering how often you will need to take your future lease car to be serviced, you can give us a call or check the manufacturer's website: 

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Key considerations

  • You will be required to pay an early termination fee if you cancel the contract early.
  • You will be required to pay an excess mileage fee if you go over your agreed mileage. 
  • If you damage the vehicle, you will be required to pay for any damage. Unless it falls under fair wear-and-tear.
  • You will not be able to modify the vehicle. It must go back to the funder in the same configuration as when you took delivery.
  • If you do not take our a maintenance package, you will need to pay for this yourself.

Your NewCarsOnline account manager will be able to discuss these considerations in detail should you have any questions.

What's next?

  1. Choose your vehicle: Feel free to give us a call on 01472 472 471 if you need help choosing the right car for your needs, alternatively you can browse our website to search prices on thousands of deals. We've also compiled a short list below of the 5 most commonly leased cars for young drivers; simply click on the image to see the up-to-date prices.
  2. Get a quote: Once you've chosen your car, mileage and contract length you can request a quote from our website or, by emailing or by calling us.
  3. Complete a credit check: Once you're happy with your quote, you will then need to complete a short credit check application form. We will then send the completed form to the finance company who will perform a credit check.
  4. Order your vehicle: It's now time to order your vehicle. All you'll need to do is sign an electronic order form. Your account manager will then order your vehicle. Our admin team will provide you with regular updates on the status of your order.
  5. Complete the finance documents: Our administration team will email the finance documents to you. It will contain all of your scheduled payments, the terms and conditions of the lease and a direct debit form. You will then need to print and return the signed contracts.
  6. Arrange delivery: It's time for the exciting bit! Once your finance documents have been returned to us, our delivery team will contact you to offer you a delivery date. When leasing a car with OurCar delivery is free to UK mainland addresses. Upon delivery, you will be required to sign an acceptance note.


Even though you can legally drive at 17, in most cases, you will need to be at least 18, hold a full UK drivers license and be able to pass a credit check to lease a car. If you're unsure what your credit score might be, you should check your credit score before leasing a car.

Whether you need a guarantor or not depends on your credit score. If you have a good credit score, you're unlikely to need a guarantor. Our funders will complete a credit check to prove that you can pay all of the monthly payments.

We will always do our best to help you with your car leasing needs.

We do not currently offer lease deals with insurance included. It will be your responsibility to insure the vehicle.

When you lease a car from OurCar, road tax is included in the price of the lease. There is no need to pay road tax to HMRC directly.