In Stock Lease Deals

By choosing to lease an in-stock car from New Cars Online, there is no need to wait for the factory to build your car; cars that are in stock can be delivered in as little as 2 weeks. We have a fantastic range of brand-new cars that are in stock and ready for delivery. Please be aware that these in-stock deals may only be around for a limited time and, once they're gone, they're gone. The deals on this page are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Great prices, quick delivery.

We realise that you can't always wait for your new car to be delivered. The car that you own may be reaching the end of its life or, your lease may be about to end. Whatever your reason, here at New Cars Online, we have a fantastic range of in-stock cars that are ready to be delivered.

When a car is marked as in-stock that means that the car has already been built and is already in the country ready to be delivered to your door. Unfortunately, this does mean that you will not be able to add any optional extras; but you will get behind the wheel of your new car much quicker.

Cars marked as 'In Stock Soon' are pipeline stock. These cars have already been built and are on their way to the UK. Ordering a car that is pipeline stock or in stock are both great ways to avoid the factory order wait times.

If you order a car that is marked as in-stock, we may be able to deliver your car in as little as 2 weeks. However, this can be up to 4 weeks. The delivery time would vary depending on the funder.

Please note, because of the statutory cooling-off period observed by the finance companies we will be unable to delivery your car within 2 weeks.

Your New Cars Online account manager will be able to give you more detailed information about delivery times.

More often than not, in-stock cars will be cheaper than a factory order, especially if the cars have been pre-registered. Leasing an in-stock car is a great way to pick up a bargain.

Because the cars that are in stock have already been built, you will not have the option to change the trim level or the paint. However, many in-stock cars will come well equipped, so you may not need to add any optional extras.

To summarise

  • In-stock lease cars can be delivered in as little as 2-4 weeks. Because the cars already exist and don't need to be built, this reduces the time you'll need to wait to get behind the wheel.
  • In-stock lease cars are often cheaper and offer better value than factory orders. Because the cars already exist, they may need to be leased quickly to make room for more cars. However, this doesn't mean there is any wiggle room on the prices we show on our site.
  • In-stock lease cars have already been built. This makes it less likely unexpected production delays will occur. To put it simply; leasing an in-stock car will reduce the number of people involved in getting the car to you.

Don't see the car you're looking for? Feel free to contact us to see how we can help.