When you choose to lease a Cupra, you will benefit from a stylish, practical car with fantastic performance.

CUPRA stands for "Cup Racing" and is focused on producing high-performance cars and sporty versions of SEAT models. The first CUPRA model was the Ateca SUV, which was followed by the Leon CUPRA and the Formentor CUPRA. These models feature sport-tuned suspension, powerful engines and unique styling elements that set them apart from regular SEAT models. CUPRA also has its own motorsport division, which competes in touring car and rally racing events.

In addition to its high-performance cars, CUPRA is also known for its focus on design and technology. The company's cars feature sporty and aggressive styling that is intended to appeal to performance-oriented drivers. The cars also feature advanced technologies such as advanced driver-assist systems and over-the-air updates.

In recent years, CUPRA has been investing in the development of electric and hybrid vehicles, such as the CUPRA Formentor e-Hybrid and CUPRA el-Born, as part of its goal to reduce its environmental impact and to offer more sustainable options to its customers.

Overall, CUPRA is a Spanish car manufacturer that is known for producing high-performance versions of cars made by Seat, as well as its own models. The company is known for its focus on performance, design and technology, and is a well-respected automaker in the industry.