DS Automobiles is known for its focus on design, luxury, and technology. The company's cars feature distinctive and premium styling, high-quality materials, and advanced technologies such as advanced driver-assist systems and over-the-air updates. Some of the brand's most popular models include the DS3, DS4, DS7 Crossback, and DS9.

One of the key features that sets DS Automobiles apart from other automakers is its focus on luxury and comfort. The company's cars are designed to provide a high level of comfort and refinement, with a range of premium features such as leather seats, advanced infotainment systems, and advanced climate control systems.

In recent years, DS Automobiles has been investing in the development of electric and hybrid vehicles, such as the DS 3 Crossback E-Tense, as part of its goal to reduce its environmental impact and to offer more sustainable options to its customers.

Choosing to lease a DS vehicle will get you modern features, paired with a luxurious and sporty design. DS also competes in Formula E and have won the drivers championship a total of 3 times having only started in 2013. DS first found success with their DS3 model and later with the 7 seater DS7.