Forza Horizon 5: The best open-world driving game just got better

If you can't afford your dream car (yet), Forza Horizon 5 is a fantastic way to experience your favourite motor. Playground Games has done such a great job on the 5th instalment of Forza Horizon that we had to post about it!

Forza Horizon 5 sees the fictional Horizon festival make its way to Mexico, the game also boasts the biggest map in the series so far. Exploring the colourful Mexico map won't feel like a chore either, the seasons change every week, with the occasional sand storm included. The map is populated by multiple Horizon festival sites, villages, cities, deserts, forests and even a volcano that you can drive up.

Along with a huge map that evolves over time, there are 14 barn finds for you to hunt for. In these barns, you'll find cars such as the Ferrari F40, Ferrari 250 GTO, Jaguar XJR-15 and a Ford Racing Escort MK1. In the auto show, you'll find everyday cars, such as the Volkswagen Golf, Jaguar I-PACE and the Land Rover Defender.

All of this is accompanied by a vast selection of vehicles. At the time of the release, the number of vehicles available stands at 520. Although, we can expect many, many more to follow in future car packs and extensions. As with every instalment in the Forza series, all 520 car have been recreated with an astonishing level of accuracy. Unlike Forza Horizon 4, all of the vehicles in Horizon 5 have their own unique engine sounds, including all of the electric vehicles in the game, such as the Porsche Taycan and the Lotus Evija. As expected, the cars also feel as you would expect, with the 2,380kg Porsche Taycan taking a lot of patience and skill to drive cleanly at high speeds.

Not convinced? As of 10/11/2021, you can give Forza Horizon 5 a test drive for just £1 by signing up to Xbox Games Pass Ultimate for one month. We really are starting to wonder how Playground Games can keep improving on the Horizon games.